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Starting on December 27th 2018 the Soho Playhouse is launching a new off-Broadway encore series featuring three of my Rap Guide shows in rotation for an initial run of nine weeks. Check out the full calendar of events here:

I’ve done three different shows back-to-back in three days before, but not like this. The series will feature Rap Guide to Consciousness (Weds/Thurs), Climate Chaos (Sun/Mon), and Evolution (Fri/Sat) making its off-Broadway return for the first time since 2012. So now I’m in the process of rehearsing and revising the shows to get the content up to date, and of course promoting the run. Here’s the press release, and if you’re planning to be in NYC or if you have friends here, please come see a show and help spread the word!

In other news, my wife Heather recently appeared on Stories from the Stage on PBS, telling a charming story about how I accidentally put her in the hospital when we were in Sydney, Australia a few years ago. The moral is that facing your fears is a good thing, but not necessarily all at once. Speaking of which, I have roughly four hours of solo hip-hop theatre content to prepare so I’d better get back to it.