>The Tree Planter’s Waltz

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>October 15 2009

Tree People,

Many of you have heard about the phenomenon of Canadian tree planting culture, but for some of you it will be a completely alien concept. For those who know it as intimately as I do, this video is for you, a little rush of nostalgia for the wilderness life. But for those of you who know nothing of the tree planting existence, this video is especially for you, because it will provide you with a window into a realm of raw experience that will surprise and enthrall you. Plus, you get to see me rapping shirtless in the woods, exciting!

The people in the opening scenes of the video (filmed in 1976, not 1977) are my parents and aunts and uncles and their circle of close friends, and the people in the scenes shot in 2009 are my brother and sister and I and our circle of close friends, so tree planting is very much in our blood. If you’re curious about the company and the history of tree planting in Canada, visit check out the website of my dad’s company, Brinkman & Associates Reforestation.

Smoky Tiger is the latest artist to join my Lit Fuse Records label, and his debut album “Smoky Tiger and the Seven Doors” was released in September, along with my new record “Apocalyptic Utopian Dreams in the Western Wilderness”. Smoky Tiger and I worked together planting trees this Spring in my brother’s camp near Merritt, BC, which is where we filmed the video for “The Tree Planter’s Waltz” (Have you watched it yet? You’re missing out!). Both of our records are now available from CD Baby, so please take a moment to buy them if you feel so inclined.

Here are some other platforms where you can watch the video: Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube.

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!


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  • Dave cureton says:

    Treeplanters waltz what a rush of nostalgia for me … I planted BC 86-2000 a definite highlight in my working career and beats hell out of anything since ! I don’t think there is a treeplanters around that hasnt danced on a stump or comm@nded the rain to stop. Powerful work !

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