The Rap Guide to Consciousness

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    My vision of death sprung from my memory of a before breakfast horse riding
    accident I had when I was 8 years old. My horse’s name was Stormy, she was
    purchased at an auction on the Yakima Indian Reservation in the mid 40s. She
    was a large, round pinto with an “iron” mouth, who tolerated me, mostly. I liked
    riding bareback, but for those who don’t know, you can control a horse better if
    you use a saddle. In my case, a saddle allowed, a 50 pound kid to just about
    control this 16 hand, 1600 pound animal; that is, unless she had other ideas.

    Our land, which includes an apple orchard and a large pasture, sat between the
    sagebrush foothills of the Cascade Mountains and our small town. I loved riding
    through the sagebrush, especially in the early spring when there’d be small
    patches of snow on the north side of the sage and even behind the tall, yellow
    bunch grass. Green shoots of new grass would be peeking up through the snow.
    On a sunny day, the new spring warmth left me with a good feeling.

    In retrospect I see that all this was really too incredible for me to fully appreciate
    at that age. But even then I enjoyed my solitude, and the only thing I knew was
    that it made me happy just to be there. Sometimes I would pack a can of baked
    beans and some bread into my saddle bags; I would nudge the can into the side
    of a small fire, put the bread on a stick and try not to burn it.

    The shortest path into the foothills was through the orchard. My father, being
    aware of what my odds were with a determined horse, told me to never take her
    into the orchard when I rode bareback because she could scrape me off by
    simply walking under a low-hanging limb. Now, even if you’re not a horse person,
    you’ve most likely heard the term, “heading back to the barn.” Horse people know
    that once their animals get turned around and are heading back to a manger of
    oats and hay, they become very single-minded.

    With benefit of hindsight I realize that at 8 years of age, I never gave my father
    the credibility he deserved. When Stormy showed up in the coral without me, and
    looking for her oats it didn’t take my dad and mom long to follow her hoof prints in
    the soft ground and find me…. out cold! Twelve hours later I woke up in the
    doctor’s office and the first thing I said was, “where’s breakfast?”

    In my young mind those 12 hours did not exist. At that age the significance of that
    non-existent interval was registered only, but significantly, in my subconscious
    where it sat unexamined for many years. By then it was the mid ‘60s and I was
    living in New York City… ontology was now a hot topic.

    I’d now unpacked and examined those missing 12 hours. I had come to the
    conclusion that the total absence of sensation, awareness, and the passage of
    time was what we call death. Examine the concept of the infinite and boil it down
    to those 12 hours, and you will conclude that death is not something to fear. It is
    merely the cessation of all conscious awareness.

    Life is a movie you’re not going to see the end of.


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    Birth of an Intelligent Mind:- Consciousness

    Numerous concepts, mind stuff readings of all kinds
    Esoteric explanations to confuse or to awaken minds
    Developing one’s knowledge gaining more edification
    Greater awareness of life and succeeding in cultivation
    Illumination of all, looking inwards for self-awakening
    Seeker of truth, hoping for wisdom and understanding
    It was like day-light breaking, on an everyday morning
    Realisation came, dawned upon me without any warning
    Matter originates and it solely exists by virtue of energy
    A dynamic force which brings particles of an atom to be
    Vibrations then hold this minute solar system together
    Left to assume behind this almighty force as to whether
    Without self-knowing existing, there can be no achievement
    There cannot be meaning without the feeling of fulfilment
    Increasing fulfilment via an increase of self-knowing verse
    This inherent dynamism drives evolution in the universe

    Enlightenment is fulfilment………Fulfilment is enlightenment

    There came a day when life was no longer a mystery
    I didn’t know it all, but it was all there for me to see
    Enlightenment, a state of being without visible light
    Spiritual knowledge, attainment of mindful insight.
    No contradictions of any kind to confuse my mind
    My quest resided in my heart, an opening to find
    Realise One already is, always was, always will be,
    Oneness, changeless, unlimited now until eternity
    Letting go of your emotions, your thoughts, thinking
    Concepts, physicality masked in this world, shrinking
    A realisation of self, an existence of pure awareness
    Shape, dimension and time, beyond all form, endless
    WE are One and naturally, One is a part of everything.
    Desires, “needs” thoughts, ideas, concepts and thinking
    Seekers who seek absolute and permanent completion
    Infinite knowingness, truths with absolute concretion.
    End all concepts, thoughts and thinking of the mind
    The very death of thinking, leaving the ego behind
    But the mind fears that its living existence will end
    This isn’t true, you’ll see as you’re thoughts blend
    Whatever may happen, happens to be, come what may
    To serve the world/universe in the highest possible way,
    Those who want to let go of the self; the – me, myself n I,
    To the source of all problems and suffering, say goodbye!
    The beginning of the universe created a perfect symmetry
    Consisting of an inner and an outer aspect within reality
    Adding awareness to the properties of primordial energy
    And consciousness came, born out of this Big Bang synergy
    Consciousness of our universe, Its purpose of self-knowing
    Material parts play secondary Its awareness is ever growing
    To know itself is the purpose of consciousness nothing less
    Increasing self-knowing aids fulfilment of consciousness

    Forget about Fate & Destiny – Evolution is all about Vibrations & Energy

    You don’t really think there is a blueprint of a master plan
    A predetermined path to follow created for our fellow man
    Makes no sense believing there is only one road ahead
    We’ve no choice but to follow life’s path until we’re dead
    Do you believe our life’s paths are laid out along the way
    Our fate is predetermined no matter what we have to say
    Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, or you’re going to do
    Fate will always be around the corner waiting just for you
    We will all experience our lives as our blueprint predicts
    What will be will be our master plan, there is no quick fix
    Your life’s destiny depends upon issues, once probabilities
    It’s death, not fate that is your life’s inevitable eventuality
    Our life’s directions can be found within three main places
    Family, social climate, self-discipline, other people’s faces
    Free to experience each actuality of life’s own potentiality
    Any destiny witnessed will depend upon life’s actualities
    To get a realisation of how we fit into the laws of nature.
    Its system of laws governs the physical realms behaviour.
    Gravity, motion, fluids, gases, heat energy, and chemistry.
    Nature serves life and death on a plate, not fate or destiny
    I would argue against my fate, in that I have free will to go
    To make my choices or not in a kind of pass or fail scenario
    A popular theme in many religions, what happens if we fail?
    Why set ourselves up when we have a card to get out of jail
    If we, at our core, are pure positive energy – essentially love
    Would we endure wearing a strait jacket like a glove, sort of?
    Our inheritance is the joy of living within the Garden of Eden
    Freedom to express our free will, living among earth’s kingdom
    I don’t believe in fate or destiny I believe future is evolution
    Not the former sense but in vibration and energy distribution
    Every thought, every idea, every word you speak is energy
    Vibrations will be man’s next sense as evolution is eventuality
    Everything we bring to existence stays in existence forever.
    Every thought you ever thought is still out there whatsoever
    Many thoughts of famous minds are accessible for us to read
    Ideas and thoughts there eternally for all who may live ahead
    Our lives on earth get better and better transformed by time
    Our ideas our understanding expands accomplishments climb
    Collectively moving forward, becoming more and more adept
    Deeper thinking, understanding, expanding wanting to accept
    Children are born into a vibrational environment they can feel
    Subject to the global energy that surrounds them which is real
    Before understanding words, they know how to read vibration
    In the city with their family as well as those of the whole region
    This is how children pick up things that they were never taught
    How we gain our ideas and beliefs positive or negative thought
    Every generation gains more vibrations than those living before
    Each new generation takes this energy onward, evolving it more
    Vibrations within the world have been slowly but steadily rising,
    Thought by thought, idea by idea. advising surprisingly devising
    No pre-determined path living our lives under a kind of illusion,
    Our future arrives from energy and vibrations, gifts of evolution

  • x says:

    I saw you at the soho playhouse last week and you are certainly an arrogant individual who comes to America as a guest aND THEN CRITICIZES A POLITICAL PARTY AS WELL AS OUR PRESIDENT.


    Sorry just noticed the caps

    • isn’t it so that if any of us were attacked, we would need others to help us, whatever country we’re from? (just wanted to offer baba some defense here. but also don’t want to attack anyone. also i’m american. love you!)

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