Baba has performed at in-person and virtual events produced by Google, IBM, TEDx, Accenture, Alteryx, Tricentis, DLD, BSR, AGU, and The World Parks Congress. His sets combine science-themed rap songs with improvised freestyles incorporating word suggestions from the crowd, as well as custom-written “Rap Up” summaries that provide an uplifting conclusion to any event. See below for the full set of custom-content offerings available.


Rap Up

A “Rap Up” is a custom-written song that summarizes an event, composed during the proceedings and performed as the grande finale, an exercise in rapid-fire creativity and a unique comedy experience.

A cross between a lyrical sketch artist and a stand-up comic, Baba celebrates and satirizes in his signature tongue-in-cheek punchline style, name-checking each of the speakers and weaving the event’s central messages into an original rap anthem, tailored and performed exclusively for your attendees.


Holy moly, Baba, that was incredible. You freaking rocked it. Ours is a nascent industry, and your voice galvanized us together as a community. It was a perfect synthesis of our day.

Tito JankowskiCo-founder, Impossible Labs

If you haven’t had Baba come to your conference to do a rap recap, you’re missing out.

DJ PatilObama Administration Chief Data Scientist

An awesome performance and a great way to drive home the learning points and keep folks engaged.

Karl WagnerFounder and CEO, Eastern Sky Technologies

I was amazed by how Baba managed to condense a jargon-heavy day into a rap that was both insightful and entertaining. I had never seen anything like that before, really enjoyed it!

Dr. Marcia GoddardNeuroscientist at &Ranj, Netherlands

I really need @BabaBrinkman to do a rap up of every conference. Thank you for rapping us into the apocalypse.

Elizabeth GrumbachAssistant Director, Institute for Humanities Research, ASU

Hey @BabaBrinkman, I am now watching you watch me. ? So fun to get a shoutout in a science rap!

Fenella SaundersEditor-in-Chief, American Scientist Magazine

Custom Rap

Baba frequently produces commissioned rap songs and music videos that synthesize complex ideas into a fun and accessible format tailor-made for social media. Baba’s informative rap videos are also popular with teachers as a classroom engagement-tool (see

Freestyle Set

Baba Brinkman’s interactive virtual “Freestyle Set” gives your audience a live dialogue with an improvising artist in real time, and a chance to witness one of the most entertaining and demanding tasks performed by the human brain. Rapid-fire rhymes respond in seconds to suggestions posted in a comment thread or chat stream – the more scientifically complex, the more entertaining the challenge!

Live at the Google Quantum Symposium, July 2020

Freestyle Track

Partially written and partially improvised, Baba’s signature “Freestyle Tracks” elevate improvisation by putting it into a new and thought-provoking frame, connecting spontaneous creativity with themes from business, science, and technology.

An avid freestyler since 2002, Baba Brinkman has won multiple battles and performed improv rap on stage in front of thousands of people alongside Steven Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“Good Bayesian” at the Stanford BrainMind Summit

More Freestyle Tracks

“Can’t Stop” (Neuroscience and Free Will)

“Performance, Feedback, Revision” (Evolution and Design)

“Freedom Ain’t Free” (Climate Change and Regulation)

Catalogue Set

Customized performance of previously-released song(s) that fit the theme of your event, designed in consultation with you.

Event Emcee

Your event, hosted by a charismatic rapper, including introductions, interviews, and performances.