Baba Brinkman’s hip-hop theatre productions have received rave reviews off-Broadway and around the world, including two Drama Desk Award Nominations and a Fringe First Award for Outstanding New Writing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Baba was the 2019 Artist-in-Residence at New York's historic SoHo Playhouse theater, where he presented the first-ever five show cycle off-Broadway, with 87 rotating performances of his Rap Guides to Evolution, Climate Change, Consciousness, Religion, and Culture.


The science of perception, hallucination and free will comes to life on stage as “peer reviewed rapper” Baba Brinkman takes a deep dive into the neurobiology of human experience. Baba’s brain consists of roughly 80 billion neurons, none of which has any clue that he exists. And yet somehow those cells come together to produce a steady stream of ill rhymes, laughs, and mind-blowing scientific discoveries. Take a deep dive into embryos, octopuses, and self-conscious robots, and see whether your sense of reality survives intact.

Made with support from University of Sussex Neuroscience, the Sandpiper Fund, the Schein Foundation, the Anthropocene Institute, and the Canadian Core for Neuroethics.

Reviews & Press

Fast-paced,  educational, fun, and deeply human theater

The Theatre Times

“Baba Brinkman blowing my brains at the BNA2019 meeting, freestyle rapping Neuroscience! Lyrical genius”

BNA Festival of Neuroscience

“Rap Guide to Consciousness is a delight for intellectuals, a delight for rap junkies and for STEM-fielders”

Theatre is Easy (2018)

“The funniest, most impressive, dopest f***ing science lesson you’re ever going to experience”

PXP Magazine

“You don’t have to be a genius to enjoy Brinkman’s show, you just have to love imaginative cutting-edge performance.”

DC Metro Theater Arts (2018)

“A mind-blowing tour de force… reveals how rap can be a vehicle for not only education, but even raising your consciousness”

High Existence

“Insightful and greatly informative… a funny but serious appreciation of the wonders of the human mind”

The Psychologist

“He is not the world’s coolest rapper, but he might be the funniest and most well-read. Exercise any free will you have and buy a ticket.”

★★★★ Evening Standard (2017)

“Lyrically rich, educational, and fascinating”

★★★★ 13th Floor

“Makes you feel truly engrossed and enlightened”

★★★★★ Arts Fringes

“Funny and enjoyable”

Sick of the Fringe

“Exudes a wicked sense of fun… giving new meaning to the term ‘pop science'”

★★★★ British Theatre Guide (2017)

“My brain is still buzzing”

★★★★★ Edinburgh Culture Review

“Massively entertaining… will keep you thinking – maybe for a lifetime”

★★★★★ Mumble Music (2017)

“Genius… something very special indeed”

★★★★ EdFringe Review (2017)

“Fascinating… witty and informative rapping”

★★★★ Three Weeks (2017)

“If you’re of two minds, do both your selves a favour and check it out”

★★★★ Edinburgh Reporter (2017)

“Mind-blowingly, awe-inspiringly good”

★★★★★ Broadway Baby (Edinburgh 2017)

“Brilliant… a hip-hop sensation”

★★★★ Voice Magazine (2017)

“Relevant, educational, and a huge amount of fun”

★★★★ The List (2017)

“Phenomenal and infectious… our dopest unlikely MC”

★★★★★ CBC Radio

“Clever and extremely entertaining… the brilliance comes in the balance”

★★★★★ Winnipeg Free Press

“You’ll learn about science via Rap Guide to Consciousness the same effortless way you learn about history via Hamilton.”

Yes Broadway

“Hilarious and touching… utterly unique”

★★★★★ Broadway Baby (Brighton 2017)

“Highly entertaining… humorous and engaging”

★★★★ The Reviews Hub

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Audience Reviews


Baba Brinkman’s original hip-hop tour of modern evolutionary biology, winner of a 2009 Scotsman Fringe First Award in Edinburgh and nominated for a 2012 Drama Desk Award off-Broadway in the category “Outstanding Solo Performance”. Baba’s first “peer-reviewed rap” production combines the skills and charisma of a live MC with the precision of a scientist, offering deep insights into human nature and the origins of all living things, including rappers and their fans.

Reviews & Press

“We came out knowing more than we came in with, yet fully entertained at the same time”

Motherhood Later

Brinkman is an excellent performer, combining the boyish energy of a rapper with the clever wit of a comedian and the intelligence of a lecturer to create an excellent production, which could be a new and exciting art form.


“Astonishingly fast-paced and flawless performance”

DC Metro Theater Arts (2019)

A memorable theatre experience, your brain will get a good workout from this very talented and dynamic artist.

Theater Is Easy

This performance is not to be missed

Stage Whispers

A ‘must see’ show for anyone with a taste for original theatre and smart beats

★★★★ Toorak Times

Proudly defies description

Sydney Morning Herald

His lyrics are sharp and funny, whizzing by and exploding like missiles

★★★★ West Australian

“Hawking and rap make science hip… audiences whoop and chuckle at the inside jokes”

New Scientist

“The NWA of DNA – Interesting, intelligent and funny hip-hop about evolutionary theory.”

Scientific American

“A total Dar-winner! As fun as it is informative…you’ll probably sing along”

New York Post

“Engaging and rhythmic… It’s hard to beat the combination of evolution and hip hop”

The New York Times – Science, June 27, 2011

“Both brainy and entertaining… Genuine passion, curiosity & analytical skills”

The New York Times – Theatre, June 27, 2011

“Astonishing and brilliant… with fizzing energy and spell-binding charisma”

The New York Times

“Brinkman has a sublime knack for making sense of difficult texts… His playful nature and comic timing provides a platform for laugh-out-loud comedy and a toe-tapping treat. Despite the intellectual topic, expect high entertainment.”

Glam Adelaide, Australia

There aren’t many hip-hoppers who use words like ‘mitochondria’ and ‘phenotype’ in their rhymes – but Brinkman wasn’t just showing off for clever’s sake; this was intelligent, informative and, crucially, hugely entertaining.


An intelligent, lyrical, witty collection of performance poetry that also manages to be an accurate popular-science discussion of modern evolutionary theory and its wider implications

TREE Journal (Trends in Evolution and Ecology)

Sadly reductionist, but [he] finds the courage to sin boldly (Christian website)

“An entertaining and scientifically accurate display of lyrical dexterity. Perfect for your inner science geek.”

★★★★ The List (2009)

Baba Brinkman makes evolutionary science not only accessible but genuinely entertaining. Striking and surprising, but convincing, parallels between the theory of evolution and the theory of rap are tackled, without diluting his material or alienating his audience.

★★★★ Big Issue Scotland

Brilliantly conceived and effervescently performed…not only is it factually correct, it’s also dazzlingly intelligent…after seeing this show, you’ll never look at a hip-hop music video in the same way again!

★★★★ The Scotsman

“Covers a vast tract of material”

★★★★ British Theatre Guide (2009)

“One of the worldʼs great intelligent rappers… what Baba does is amazing – his knowledge of rap genres and styles is encyclopedic… a flash of verbal fireworks.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby (2009)

Refreshingly original. Brinkman has a light touch and a way with words and rhythm that will appeal to rap aficionados, poetry buffs and anyone interested in science but bored stiff by textbooks.

★★★ Metro

Stimulating and intelligent…Brinkman’s rhymes are sometimes Shakespearian in their beauty.

★★★ Fest Magazine

With lyrics that were sometimes sly, often hilarious, and always smart and thought-provoking, Brinkman married the fast, complex, literate delivery of Eminem with the evolutionary expertise and confrontational manner of Dawkins

Science Magazine

Totally original and thought-provoking. Dope, data-filled raps that incorporate Darwin, DNA and a Dead Prez sing-along. Smart, funny and seriously meta

★★★★ Time Out New York

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Nominated for a 2015 Drama Desk Award in the category “Unique Theatrical Experience,” Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide to Religion fearlessly explores the religious instincts and beliefs seemingly shared by most humans throughout history. Taking “philosophical naturalism” as his starting point, Baba performs faith-illuminating songs inspired by the best of evolutionary and cognitive science, seeking the natural origins of our supernatural beliefs, whether adaptive or irredeemable.

Why do most humans believe in a higher power? What are those beliefs good for? And once they are gone, what can replace them? This groundbreaking show explores the various pathways by which religion evolves, leaving audiences with a new appreciation of religion, and its critics.

Reviews & Press

A smart and entertaining survey of what gives us faith, and Brinkman’s confidence and delight in wordplay make it a pleasure to sit back and go with his flow.

★★★★ Time Out New York

“The material is incredibly thought-provoking and richly dense, but he makes it digestible and, most importantly, fascinating.”

Broadway World (2015)

Fully engages all cylinders… a true artist

Tracy’s New York Life

Totally changed my opinion of this generation’s musical vision… you’ll not only learn a lot, but you’ll have fun.

A Seat On The Aisle

Who the hell is Baba Brinkman? He is a thoughtful, funny, erudite, and amazingly likable talent.

The Humanist

Very funny, very educational… like attending the best TED talk ever, but with musical breaks.

The New York Times

His flow is often impressive and he strikes a solid balance between punch lines and substantive lyrical content.

Theater Pizzazz

Sweet hip-hop rhymes take the audience on a journey of self-discovery as to the origins of our culture’s extreme love affair with religious identity.

Stage Buddy

This is no dry academic lecture — it’s a hip-hop show. With intricate rhymes, solid beats, and no small dose of good humor.

Empiricist League

From all angles it’s clear Brinkman has his act together

Village Voice

“Fabulously intelligent… an original and delightful performer”

London Grip

I had the time of my life. I love Brinkman’s blend of lecture hall, with vaudeville, with a studied and yet organic lyricism… real talk, in every sense.

★★★★ Edinburgh Uncovered

“Devilishly insightful and dazzlingly witty”

★★★★★ Edinburgh Reporter (2014)

Irresistible lyricism… a fantastic show

★★★★ A Younger Theatre

“A unique brand of comedy and dissemination of fascinating data.”

★★★★ British Theatre Guide (2014)

Brilliant and unique, Baba Brinkman uses his talent in a very special way.

This Is Cabaret

Brinkman’s ability to weave complicated arguments into rhyme is uncannily clever and his wordplay is wonderful.

The Scotsman

“Breathlessly epic… verges on poetry”

★★★★ Broadway Baby (2014)

Tremendous energy, enthusiasm and warmth… Go along and brighten up your afternoon and let Baba enlighten you.

★★★★ SG Fringe

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Baba Brinkman breaks down the politics, economics, and physical science of global warming, following its surprising twists from the carbon cycle to the energy economy, in a pull-no-punches hip-hop manifesto that confronts both the scale of the challenge and also the failings of human psychology that make it such an easy problem to ignore. With scientists, activists, contrarians, and even the Pope adding their voices to the soundtrack, get ready for a funny and refreshing take on the world’s hottest topic.

Reviews & Press

“Raising awareness on climate change through rhyme”

PIX11 New York

An intellectually psychedelic and perception-changing experience… a frightening and impassioned plea for awareness and change.

Theater Pizzazz

A magic act of instant audience engagement and political mobilization

★★★★★ All About Solo

Baba Brinkman makes climate rap hot… the audience was spellbound

Scientific American

“A testament to the expansive nature of rap music”

Williams Record

“This guy raps about climate change and it’s actually pretty amazing”

Allegheny Front

“Deftly explores the science, politics, and psychology of this century’s toughest challenge”

Sierra Magazine

“Takes listeners on a musical tour of the defining issue of our time, bringing much-needed color, clarity, and humor”

Popular Science

“If the thought of putting Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ into a lyrical blender with ‘Hamilton’ and sprinkling bits of Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ over top sparks your interest, this might be the album for you”

Geek Dad

“Awesome! If you’re at all on the fence about climate change, this album alone should be enough to convince you”


“The complete package of Brinkman & his ‘Rap Guide to Climate Chaos’ is cleverly seismic”

The Highlighter

“Smart, funny and informative… a devoted student of hip-hop, lacing his songs with rhythmic and lyrical allusions to the genre’s greats.”

Huffington Post

“I left the theatre feeling more hopeful about humanity”


“Fires up the audience in a way that I’ve never seen before off-Broadway in New York city”

J. J. Brown

“A funny, thoughtful look at the science, economics and politics of climate change — in verse and with a backbeat”

Think Progress

“A mix of comedy, sincerity, and self-consciousness”


“Baba Brinkman is an original, informed and prolific artist”

Downtown Magazine

This is not preachy; this is theatre – funny, surprising, and smart.

★★★★★ Front Row Center

“Packs in wit, intelligence and scads of information”

Show Me Shows NYC

“Electrifying… a mesmerizing must-see production”

Theater Pizzazz

“Meet the guy raising climate change awareness through hip-hop”

New York Observer

An invigorating hour… smart, funny, well-sustained

★★★★ The Times

Exceptionally talented, brilliantly lyrical… Ambitiously mashing together complex climate change research with popular culture… paints a compelling picture

★★★★ The Scotsman

“A high-octane performance that will make viewers think about what they can do to help slow down global warming”

★★★★ British Theatre Guide (2015)

Deftly-worded… close to perfect… an artist at the absolute top of their game.

★★★★★ The Skinny

“A must-see for any hip-hop fan, science geek, or multi-genre fanatic.”

★★★★ Voice Magazine (2015)

“This show could change your life. An absolute fringe must-see.”

★★★★★ Edinburgh Reporter (2015)

“Sick rhymes and energetic presence”

Theater Is Easy

An intelligent, info-rich show… Fluid, self-aware, passionate, and engaging. And also very funny.

★★★★ The Stage

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Baba Brinkman’s latest “Rap Guide” explores humanity’s unique talent for cumulative culture, and how rap music and pop culture offer key insights into the spread of cultural variants (aka memes) as they compete for survival in our brains for the viral come-up.

Whether that information is encoded in genes or brains or artifacts or a combination of the three, Darwin had it right: culture is biology.

Reviews & Press

This guy is smart, well-read, funny, quick, deep… utter charm with a smile that triumphs

The Herald-Times

“Highly recommended. If he comes back I’m going to see his next Rap Guide!”

★★★★★ Edinburgh Culture Review

“A distinctive style, a diverse setlist, and a show you absolutely must see to believe.”

★★★★ EdFringe Review (2019)

As well as his considerable rap skills, Brinkman is a stupendous science communicator

★★★ Chortle

Interview: My Festival, Baba Brinkman

The Scotsman

Fantastic wit, intelligence and, of course, straight up fire bars!

★★★★ Clownster Comedy

“Infectious passion that spreads into all corners of the room”

Mumble Comedy (2019)

“Excels when he shares his obvious love for the musical art form”

★★★★ The List (2019)

“Phenomenal… hugely entertaining and impressive”

★★★★ Voice Magazine (2019)

Baba Brinkman Interview

Three Weeks (2019)

Inspiration for the Show (Article)

Female First

Rap Guide to Culture (Q&A)

Broadway World

Audience Reviews


Geoffrey Chaucer’s timeless Canterbury Tales comes to vivid life in an “entertaining and brilliant” (Time Out) virtuoso performance linking today’s hip-hop lyrics with the greatest stories ever told. The Pardoner, the Merchant, the Nun’s Priest, and the Wife of Bath weave together rhymes and characters that rival Nicki Minaj and Kanye, spinning tales of greed, lust, jealousy and revenge for modern and medieval audiences alike.

Reviews & Press

“He maintains the essence of Chaucer’s stories and storytelling itself in a fresh way, and his diction and timing capture the Middle Ages’ anachronisms and idiosyncrasies in a way that effortlessly interprets them for a modern audience.”


“Demonstrates the perceptiveness of a literary scholar and the wit of a chart-topping rapper. Full of head-bobbing rhythms and clever rhymes”

Daily Tar Heel

Unashamedly fun… a five star experience and a hell of a good time

★★★★★ Edinburgh Uncovered

A spectacular show that sets the bar high for comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe

★★★★★ Plays To See

“A grittier, wittier, visceral and definitely saucier, coarser Chaucer”

★★★★★ Edinburgh Reporter (2014)

“He turns dusty old works that torture adolescents in classrooms into remarkably current and vivid stories.”

Huffington Post

“In his delightful one-man show, Baba Brinkman has unlocked another intimidating masterpiece from the Ivory Tower.”

New York Times

Warriors clash, badass thieves and thugs receive a brutal comeuppance, husbands fight a losing battle against wily wives and seducing lothiarios, villages are plagued by sinister forces of nature.

Show Business Weekly

“An audacious hip hop approach to some great literary classics; the show is funny and thoughtful.”

Theater Is Easy

“Its improvisational energy is terrific… the kind of work that makes off-Broadway hum”

Theatre Scene

“Not only audacious, but also astute”

Theater Mania

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A hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival three years running, Off the Top teams up science rapper Baba Brinkman (Rap Guide to Evolution) with neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin (host of “Science Goes to the Movies” on PBS) to explore the science of improvisation and comedy.

A married couple in real life, Baba and Heather bring you the latest research on spontaenous creativity while putting their odd-couple relationship under the microscope. Learn how a rapper seduces a scientist, how hard it is to solve a math problem while rapping, and how your subconscious comes to the surface in spontaneous moments. Humorous, lyrical, and rich with subliminal stimuli, this is hard-core science communication at its best.

Reviews & Press

“Their evident delight in one another and their easy banter is believable and endearing.”

Bedford and Bowery

“The unlikely combination of rap and neuroscience turns out to be an absolute winner”

“Beautifully combines scientific adventure with the arts”

★★★★ Voice Magazine (2017)

An elegant marriage between comedy and science

★★★★ The Wee Review

“Highly engaging… If you like rap or neuroscience, you should go”

Scientific American

“Irresistibly charming, enthusiastic, funny, talented and smart”

DC Metro Theater Arts (2017)

“Their chemistry on stage is fantastic… You’ll learn a lot here, with plenty of laughs along the way.”

★★★★ Three Weeks (2015)

“Funny? Yes. Endearing? Yes. Interesting? Hugely.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby (2015)

“An inspiring and wonderfully entertaining show from beginning to end… an absolute jewel.”

★★★★★ Mumble Comedy (2015)

“Unendingly entertaining, jaw-droppingly fascinating… a momentously important show. Pure unashamed geekery.”

★★★★ Arts Award Voice (2015)

Mixes comfortable quips from our teacher Dr Heather Berlin and a few swift rhymes from her husband Baba Brinkman.

★★★★ The Skinny

Conclusive proof that it is possible to be both funny and clever.

Evening Standard (2014)

“Geek heaven… who says science is boring?”

★★★★★ Edinburgh Reporter (2014)

Baba Brinkman and Dr. Heather Berlin deliver what may be the best show of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014.

★★★★★ Edinburgh Uncovered


Premiered off-Broadway in 2012 for a limited five-week run, Ingenious Nature follows the story of an entirely fictional Canadian science rapper who moves to New York in search of one special lady, or lots of semi-special ladies, as opportunity would allow. In the show, our anti-hero recounts a series of failed dates acquired through OK Cupid, each of which is analyzed through the lens of evolutionary psychology and its emerging view of human mating strategies.

 In the end, the hapless Canadian science rapper falls for a beautiful and brilliant New York neuroscientist, who bears only a mild resemblance to Baba’s current wife in real life, Dr. Heather Berlin. Ingenious Nature is no longer available for bookings, since the material it contained was unwisely autobiographical.

Reviews & Press

Provoking controversy appears to be what [Baba] does best

Amiable and energetic

New York Times

Feels like a mash-up of “Schoolhouse Rock” and “Sex and the City” as performed by a young Eminem… impressively delivered

New Yorker

A brilliant and bizarre new theatrical mix-tape

Theater Mania

One of the more interactive shows to be found off-Broadway

Lighting and Sound America

A number of refreshingly daring elements make this a unique theatrical experience.

Associated Press

Brilliant and bewildering

Curtain Up


Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010. Comedy hip-hop retellings of some of the world’s great oral epics, featuring Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and Chaucer’s Merchant’s Tale, with music by Mr. Simmonds. This production is no longer available for touring, having been re-written and updated into The Canterbury Tales Remixed (above).

Reviews & Press

“Baba Brinkman is some kind of lyrical wizard, retelling the ancient stories of the world through his spell-binding rhymes”

★★★★★ Three Weeks (2010)

His ability to relate the ancient to the contemporary, to dot his flow with modern cultural references and make it all feel like waves in the same stream, is equally impressive. Fans of Snoop Dogg and Seamus Heaney will be equally inspired.

The Stage

You’ll be blown away by how funny, compelling and profound Baba is able to make such subject matter

★★★★ The Scotsman

There’s a great deal of humour in his narrative… you’ll find yourself entertained and intellectually stretched in equal measure

★★★★ What’s On Stage

“Baba Brinkman has a very entertaining way of bringing the most unexpected material to life.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby (2010)

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Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010, this comedy rap sequel to The Rap Guide to Evolution zeros in on human behaviour and evolutionary psychology. Rap Guide to Human Nature is no longer available for touring, having been revised and adapted into the off-Broadway production Ingenious Nature (above).

Reviews & Press

This is real public service broadcasting with finesse and skill… if Baba is the lyrical predator, let us be his prey.

★★★★★ Fresh Air Radio

Warm, funny and fascinating throughout, all born on the ingenious rhymes and charismatic stage presence of the Canadian

★★★★★ Chortle

As hip-hop shout-outs go, “do we have any ovulating women in the house?” is certainly an unusual gambit. But Baba Brinkman is an unsual rapper… who spits out complex rhymes about real boffin shit.

★★★★ The Scotsman

An extremely entertaining show that conveys more scientific and theoretical information than any other show I have seen. But it is still very funny.

★★★★ Broadway Baby

The Rap Guide to Human Nature is an amazing anomaly, genuinely entertaining, education, and engaging.

★★★★ Hairline Reviews

Infectious charm and enthusiasm… If I’d had a science professor as inspiring as this at university, I may well have ditched my liberal arts major.

★★★★ Whats On Stage

“An inspired, groove heavy, high production values record with a wonderful lyrical touch.”

Mind Hacks

An entirely engaging and uniquely fulfilling experience.

★★★★ Big On Glasgow

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Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008. Co-written with MC Dizraeli, The Rebel Cell is a verse play set in England in the (formerly future) year 2013, a scorching political satire and lyrical debate between Che Guevara-style revolutionary politics and Nelson Mandela-style civil disobedience. The Rebel Cell was optioned by London’s SPL Productions in 2009 and toured major UK theatres for two years.

Reviews & Press

A rare and inventive experiment… ingenious rhymes and brilliantly subtle delivery.

The Stage

A sensationally accomplished and powerfully thought provoking piece.

★★★★ Dubliner Magazine

Excoriating and moving and shocking and furiously beautiful to watch.

★★★★ Theatre in Wales

Powerfully intelligent and awe-inspiringly eloquent, Baba Brinkman and Dizraeli are the saviours of hip-hop.

★★★★★ Three Weeks Edinburgh 2008

Extraordinary freestyle poetry.

★★★★ The List

Thrilling rap drama.

The Guardian

High-octane lyrical content… a cerebral, savvy production that explores our modern social contract with vivacity and zeal.

★★★★ Fest Magazine

A brilliant dramatic final coup-de-theatre… It is clear that these performers are masters of their art.


High-octane lyrical content… a cerebral, savvy production that explores our modern social contract with vivacity and zeal.

★★★★ Fest Magazine

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Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004.  Winner: Three Weeks Editor’s Choice Award, Edinburgh 2007. Combining virtuoso lyricism with physical theatre and dramatic storytelling, Baba Brinkman recreates Chaucer’s best-loved Tales in an engaging, accessible, and often hilarious hip-hop style. This performance is no longer available for touring, having been fully revised and re-written as The Canterbury Tales Remixed (above).

Reviews & Press

Brilliantly done, riding a wave of surging metre and inventive rhythm.

★★★★★ Melbourne Age

Brinkman displays a masterful grasp of rhyme and rhythm, his lyricism winding through the murky language of Chaucer and slang of hip-hop.

★★★★ Fest Mag, Edinburgh 2007

Genius… staggeringly clever

★★★★★ Three Weeks, Edinburgh 2007

A genius writer, performer and rapper at work.

★★★★, Edinbugh 2007

Truly awe-inspiring… a sharp script and one charismatic and versatile actor… could hold its own in both the rapping world and the theatre world. Go see.

★★★★★ The Scotsman, Edinburgh 2004

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