New Album: Bright Future

Released in May 2021, Bright Future is Baba’s 12th full-length solo rap album, a collection of ten songs about science and society and the many hopeful paths towards improving the human condition through greater understanding of the natural world, medicine, and technology. Each of the album’s songs and music videos was commissioned by a scientist or an organization with science at its core, for the purpose of communicating an important and complex idea to the general public. This makes Bright Future not only a unique record, but also a blueprint for a new approach to the rap music industry, which Event Rap is now pioneering with other artists.

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From planting a million trees in Canada to internationally-known rapper and science communicator.

Baba Brinkman has won multiple awards and enjoyed successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and off-Broadway. He performed live on MSNBC's “The Rachel Maddow Show”, appears regularly at science, technology, business, and environmental conferences, opened for Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson, and has released more than a dozen solo albums. Before launching his rap career, Baba earned a Masters in English Literature (writing his thesis on The Canterbury Tales) and worked in the forests of Western Canada for ten years, personally planting more than one million trees.


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