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Every year or so since 2010 I’ve reached out to my friends and fans asking for help with a Kickstarter or IndieGogo campaign to fund my latest album or video project. Well now I’m hoping to put an end to that regular cycle with the help of Patreon, a site that lets fans become patrons with exclusive access to the artists they support and the work they help create.

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If you’ve been following my career for a while, cheering me on as I create albums and shows and videos, and if you want to help me continue doing so, then Patreon is for you. The way it works is you sign up to contribute a certain amount for each project I release. The amount you pledge can be anywhere from $1 up to however much you feel you can spare. You set a monthly maximum that fits your budget, and Patreon will charge you automatically each time I release a new album, song, or video. And just like with Kickstarter you get special perks by signing up.

At the moment I have several new videos in the works for Rap Guide to Religion, and I’m working on recording the Rap Guide to Climate Chaos album, and several of those songs will have videos. And after that I’m working on a new project about Artificial Intelligence, and I have several other album ideas in the pipeline.

So if you would contribute $20 to support my next album, please consider pledging $5 or $10 per release instead. Or if you can afford more, pledge more. The bottom line is, if you support me and the artistic path I am on, and if you trust me to keep putting out work that you enjoy, then I would appreciate your support.



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