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This post has one request and one request only: please join my thunderclap!

Link to join:

Thunderclap is a social media amplifier that will blast out a message via Twitter and Facebook from hundreds of different accounts all at once, but only if the owners of those accounts sign up first – that’s you! If I can get 250 people signed up by noon on August 29th, I can finish my current crowdfunding campaign with a mighty bang.

The message I want to send is “Don’t Sleep With Mean People” combined with a quote from the biologist Richard Alexander: “Evolution is most deterministic for those still unaware of it.” That’s one of the main reasons I’m passionate about science communication. By understanding the influence of evolution on our behaviour, we have the ability to resist that influence, and act more in alignment with our goals and priorities.

Please help me spread the message, and get a few of your friends to sign up as well. It’s free, and the power of your added voice would help me immensely.

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