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The Infomatic EP has arrived! Click here to stream or download it. This album began during our one-month songwriters-in-residency position at NIMBioS in Knoxville, Tennesee back in April/May of this year, and took shape over the course of the Summer. It features five tracks of auditory goodness produced by Mr. Simmonds, exploring allo-parenting, prosimians, oxytocin homologues, cladistics, population modelling, climate change, pseudo-science accommodationism, the homophobic paradox, and the applicability of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad references to science rap. Another key theme is the bizarre effects of this level of intellectual voraciousness on one’s love life, which can be complicated.Speaking of my so-called love life, I recently wrote a new play about it, which will soon be running off-Broadway in New York City! Ingenious Nature is set to commence a six-week off-Broadway run at the Soho Playhouse starting on November 20th, featuring original music and live turntablism from Jamie Simmonds. Here’s the article announcing the Soho Playhouse 2012-2013 season. The show is about “the scientifically-informed search for a mate in the modern world.”

I’ve read a lot of evolutionary psychology over the past few years working on the Rap Guide to Evolution, and in this new play (which contains songs from The Rap Guide to Human Nature as well as a lot of new material) I explore the applicability of those theories to one basic challenge: finding your perfect match. Is such a thing even possible? And if it is, does a rich understanding of evolution help or hinder that quest? These and other questions will be boldly confronted on stage throughout Ingenious Nature, which I hope will be at least as entertaining as embarrassing. One alternative title I considered was: “Evolution: This Time It’s Personal.”

Finally, I’ve got some gigs coming up on the West Coast this week. If you know anyone in Victoria, we’ll be performing the full theatrical productions of both Canterbury Tales Remixed and Rap Guide to Evolution at UVic’s Farquhar Auditorium on Wednesday October 24th. Other up-coming tours include Saskatoon, SK in November, and then NH, MA, RI, and FL in February 2013. After that my schedule is pretty open, so if you want to set up a gig for 2013, holler at me!



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