The Canterbury Tales Remixed – Album Release

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The Canterbury Tales Remixed premiered off-Broadway in November 2011 and ran for eleven weeks, and now the album version is finally complete! If you think you’ve heard my rap interpretations of the classics before, believe me you’ve never heard it like this. Click here to start the record streaming before you keep reading.

Produced by UK Millennium Award winner Mr. Simmonds, the album features brand new Tales, including a beast fable adapted from Aesop via the Nun’s Priest, as well as complete rewrites of the Wife of Bath’s and Pardoner’s Tales and re-scored and re-mixed versions of the Merchant’s Tale and the epic stories of Beowulf and Gilgamesh. Set to an orchestral soundtrack of classic boom-bap hip-hop beats mixed with soulful live instruments, this record is the bastard offspring of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Slick Rick’s The Art of Storytelling.

The album can be downloaded now from iTunes, or with the lyrics encoded in the song files for smartphone viewing from Bandcamp name-your-price style.

As summarized in a glowing review from Show Business Weekly:
“The stories do, indeed, have much in common with the ones found in contemporary pop culture: warriors clash, badass thieves and thugs receive a brutal comeuppance, husbands fight a losing battle against wily wives and seducing lotharios, villages are plagued by sinister forces of nature… like ancient listeners gathered around the fire, we want to hear more.”

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