Worst Comes to Worst (My People Come First)

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Happy Halloween to All My People!

We now have only one week left of the Rap Guide to Evolution off-Broadway, after nearly five months of performing the show six nights per week, what a run! Crowds still love it, I’m still having a blast, and soon it will be time to take Darwin on the road. The Evolution 2012 Tour will commence in February, but first, The Canterbury Tales Remixed starts its seven-week run at the Soho Playhouse on November 23rd, which means we’re about to kick into high gear once again, bringing together a theatre team, writing, directing, designing, and scoring music for a whole new show. Check out the trailer:

Tickets for The Canterbury Tales Remixed are now available for advanced purchase on the Soho Playhouse website.

In honour of the final week of this incredible performing marathon, here’s my new music video for the song Worst Comes to Worst, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust. We threw a beach party on the Galapagos Islands (with the help of some green screen magic) to explore the evolutionary origins of fear, violence, trust, and compassion, featuring Mr. Simmonds, Dizraeli, and an alien DJ party-crasher. Come party with the iguanas!

Finally, I have another friend in need of your support. David Sloan Wilson recently sent me this link to a new evolutionary initiative founded by one of his grad students, Robert Kadar. Evolution: This View of Life is “the first online magazine designed to communicate modern evolutionary science content to the general public” and that can only be a good thing! I just pledged $50 on Kickstarter to get this important project off the ground. Click here to help support Evolution: This View of Life!

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