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>August 21 2009


Today I won a Scotsman Fringe First Award for the Rap Guide to Evolution, which is a prize given each year to the best new writing for the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe. This is literally the most coveted theatre prize at the festival (it’s officially a big deal), so it really is a great acknowledgement of the show and a great boost for the rest of the run (ten more days to go!), and for life after the Fringe. Last year the Rebel Cell was nominated for a Fringe First but we didn’t make it through the final round of judging. This year I guess I passed the bar, so call it a birthday present to Darwin. Click here to read the announcement.

Speaking of life after the Fringe, I am now on the lookout for gig opportunities for October (UK), November (USA) and February – April 2010 (Australia), and if you have another place or another time in mind I’m open to any possibility. Please get in touch. If you want to know about availability I put all of my confirmed gigs on my Google Calendar.

If you haven’t heard the Rap Guide to Evolution yet, you can download the CD by clicking here.

And if you want to read more about my Edinburgh experience this year, check
out my “Darwin on the Fringe” blog for

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